More than 70 years of sidecar expertise! Changjiang has been producing sidecar outfits for over 70 years and currently supply over 2000 units a year worldwide. 

In the early 1950s, the Changjiang factory was commissioned to produce a fleet of a thousand sidecar outfits for the Chinese army. This model used a flat twin, air-cooled engine. As well as fulfilling government contracts the outfit was made available for sale to the public, with the original design having changed very little until 2017.

Today, a completely new range of Changjiang sidecar outfits powered by a modern 650 water-cooled engine developed by CF Moto, is offered for public sale throughout Europe –  more efficient, more reliable, more economical and more ecological, combining all the qualities required by both experienced and new sidecar owners alike.

The latest models with modern specifications bring a new level of sidecar ownership, making a Changjiang sidecar outfit a practical and enjoyable vehicle for all types of journey from local daily trips, to longer tours and adventures. DIP of France have been granted exclusive distribution rights for the European market and aim to establish a strong base for Changjiang across all countries.


Changjiang are equipped with the most modern technology to achieve longevity and reliability.
The sidecar models are using a 650cc twin cylinder, 8 valves engine, with double overhead camshaft, liquid cooling, and Bosch fuel injection system. The power output is 61hp.

Sidecar ChangJiang includes Kayaba suspensions, CBS braking system, parking brake, Aluminium rims, LED lights, LCD dashboard, spare wheel positioned on top of the sidecar, 2 USB sockets, a 12 Volt socket, a set of protective covers for the sidecar and for the spare wheel, waterproof document holder, front and rear bumpers.


Well-equipped, authentic, quick and easy to handle, a pleasant sidecar outfit for both on and off road riding. Well-designed, comfortable and quiet, its gear ratios and maneuverability are adaptable and versatile, whilst its spender and finesse convey a spirit of conviviality.


Change your habits and give a new rhythm to your life and desires. Like a beautiful convertible, the Dynasty offers a new way of living and new way of sharing your moments. The Dynasty will charm you with its ease of driving, enabling you to enjoy that special, unmistakable feeling of driving a well-handling sidecar outfit.

  • Two additional long-range headlights
  • Headlight protection
  • Off-road tires
  • Black exhaust
  • Road tires
  • Two additional long-range headlights
  • Sidecar with padded interior
  • Stainless steel exhaust
All our models come with:
  • 4-speed gearbox + reverse
  • Heated grips
  • TUBELESS” rim
  • FASTRACE steering damper
  • Combined braking on all three wheels
  • and much more …
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